What I learned from my Capsule Wardrobe

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Starting the 21st of March I have been dressing myself in a Capsule Wardrobe. I thought it would be nice to look back on the past almost-three months and reflect on it. What did I learn?

Be more selective
Oh boy did I make a really big mistake with this! Choosing outfits was all fun and games in the beginning… But once I wore all my favorite items I ran out of fresh outfits. There are items in my wardrobe I barely wore and probably won’t make a return for summer. Other items I discovered weren’t really my thing or didn’t suit my bodytype while I thought they looked pretty good.. Yeah until I tried to pair them with anything else than one particular item in my wardrobe that looked good with it. The croptop was an example of that. Maybe I’ll keep it in for summer and give it another chance.. I don’t know yet…

It does save time though..
Even though choosing a fresh outfit was a little bit more difficult because I didn’t make the right clothing choices it was still a whole lot easier to get dressed in the mornings! I didn’t have to choose from many items and that really did save time!

Don’t be afraid to change it up
And that is exactly what I am going to do right now. I learnt from this Capsule Wardrobe and am going to create a new one! I am already very excited to create another one. Secretly already drafting out the list of items I want to include. I think I might have the list up in a week or so! Stay tuned.

My wardrobe is mostly black
Well, no surprise here… Let’s be honest about that! I think my wardrobe is mostly black and grey, with some splashed of white in there. It just is a bit of a hassle to make all my blacks match.

It challenged me
This Capsule Wardrobe really did challenge me to think about the clothing I buy and own. I have bought 0 clothing items to add to this wardrobe and I am pretty proud on that!

I wear the same thing over and over again.. AND THEN AGAIN
Oh yes.. I am pretty guilty of this! In the colder months I have been wearing my oversized denim jacket with black jeans and my black sweater and in the summer my black t-shirt dress with tights (or without).

Well, that’s what I learned from this Capsule Wardrobe experiment! I will continue with it, because it did teach me a lot and it is quite nice to have less items. Let’s see what the summer will bring me!

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