Wrap it up – March 2018

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My first month of blogging on Wickedly Pleasant has gone by quite fast. I thought some kind of monthly post where I wrap the month up would be a nice idea! So here we go.

March.. Also known as the month where it finally snowed here in the Netherlands. I did manage to get some outfit pictures so I am totally satisfied. I just absolutely loved how my black clothing looked against the pure white snow! Absolutely loved it!

Avenged Sevenfold Tickets
I also managed to get tickets for my favorite band: Avenged Sevenfold! So that was a huge plus for this month! I can’t wait for June to swing around. Last time they were in the Netherlands I also managed to get tickets and I was first row, baby! I hope to be first row again and have just as much fun. I just love this band and will try to go to every concert they give in the Netherlands!

Gothic & Fantasy Fair
The second weekend of March was a very fun weekend! We went to the Gothic & Fantasy Fair and we had a whole lot of fun! This is a fair that comes around twice a year and is basically a big hall filled with little shops, a stage for all kinds of bands (Mostly pirate metal, folk music and rock) and a sword demonstration. This edition we heard that they are going to change their concept for the one in October. Which makes me very curious! But I really had a great weekend with myy friends, good music and a lot of laughs. I even scored a few brooches (which I’ve written a blog post about)

A lot of exams
Another thing that has totally been happening this month are my exams. I’ve had my english writing exam, two visits at my internship to see how I work (which counts as a exam, appearantly) and a few central exams as well. So that has been happening and it’s stressing me out.

I listened to..

What I watched..
Truth be told I watched a whole lot or horror youtubers. Like Mr. Nightmare, Reignbot, Chills and Mr. Nightmare.
I’m also obsessed with these two youtubers called ‘DeaddSoul’ and “Emma Inks”. Their style is absolutely amazing.

I also finally got around to watch ‘It Follows’ a horrormovie from 2015. It has been on my radar thanks to youtube. I renamed it “STD the movie”, even though the story was really well written! But that really was all that I got from it. Only in this case it was a Sexually Transmitted Curse.. So an STC? I don’t know.. It was a lot different than the usual horror movies I’ve watched. The acting felt a bit flat at times, but I still really enjoyed it.

Did you see it? What did you think about it? Anyway, here’s the trailer!

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