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Earlier this month I visited a Gothic & Fantasy event, which was a whole lot of fun! On that event there was a stand with the most awesome brooches that I’ve ever seen! Of course, I just had to share them with all of you!

I bought five pins in total. They weren’t that expensive either; only between €1,- and €1,50 each! I love pins, because I think they can make a outfit a little bit more finished. Just like a necklace or earrings. They can make or break an outfit. I can’t wait untill I get to coordinate these beauties with my outfits!

Here are a few close-up shots of these pins! I bought them from Whimsical Bizarre. I also discovered they had an etsy shop, which I’ll be keeping an eye on in case they get more of these pins! I would love to add more of them to my collection!

If I have to choose a favorite from these beauties then it’ll probably be the ‘We are the Weirdo’s, mister’ – pin. Just because it’s a quote from the Craft! Absolutely loved that movie, so when I saw that pin I had to get it. It actually was the first pin I layed my eyes on and then I saw all the others! I’m very happy that I bought them! What is your favorite brooch?

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