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These shorts are absolutely my favorite right now. Especially with this hot weather! Short ánd leather. They aren’t that warm, though. Which I didn’t expect with them being made out of leather and everything. They look great with these fishnet tights.

Top – American Horror Story Merch | Shorts – H&M | Fishnet Tights – Primark | Shoes – Primark | Choker – AliExpress

Hello summer! What nice of you to arrive! The overall temperature is somewhere between the 25 and 30 degrees and rarely dips further down. I either wear shorts or skirts with this weather, because long jeans are wáy too hot. But I do love this weather! Because it isn’t that cold anymore. So I’m pretty much fine with that right now. It does give me a chance to weear these fishnet tights the whole time!

This weather also means a whole lot of events! That is something I really do love! From conventions to music festivals, I love going to them and socializing with all the people! Since school is still in full swing (I’m stil hoping to get my degree this month, so I’m done with it) I can’t really enjoy all the things of summer. But that will come with time! For now I’m concentrating on my schoool stuff.

About my Capsule Wardrobe.. I’m still trying to figure out what to include in it. Since it’s summer I’m not going to include warm coats and a lot of outer layers. Maybe one or two of those, because I won’t wear them anyway. I am going to include more dresses, skirts and shorts though. You will see for yourself soon enough!

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