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It’s quite cold here in the Netherlands, but I am still wearing skirts. Nobody is going to stop me, because I like how they look on me. I hope it turns warmer somewhere soon, though. It really is cold.

Outfit details:
Sweater – H&M | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Graceland | Choker: AliExpress | Hat – Primark

The weather outside is basically freezing. But as soon as it stopped raining and the ground looked decent enough to make pictures my boyfriend & I grabbed the camera and ran outside. I absolutely love all black looks, because my closet mostly consists out of black clothing.

Currently I’m obsessing over this darn hat! I love how it looks on my and just gives off a certain vibe I just can’t put my finger on. What do you think? DDo you know what to call this vibe? Anyways, the hat is absolutely amazing and really well made. I was surprised when I found it at the primark. Obviously I immediately snatched it because it can complete so many outfits!

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