Stone Cold

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I told you it was pretty cold here in the Netherlands. Well, it just got colder and we suddenly had snow. Hello snow! Right now it’s Stone Cold.. Is that an english phrase? I don’t know, but it certainly is a dutch one.

Top – H&M | Shorts – H&M | Choker – AliExpress | Bandana – Primark | Shoes – Graceland

I am still going with these all black outfits. To tell the truth, most of my outfits are either all black, black & white or black & red. Or some other color mixed & matched with black. My closet might consist mostly out of black clothing. Sorry, not sorry!

A while back it had been snowing outside and of course I had to take pictures in the snow! My all black outfit would be a great contrast with the snow, right? And the pictures came out exactly as I thought! I absolutely love it. I’m also totally about wearing shorts with tights right now. It’s still comfy and warm. This way I can also just wear them all year around instead of only in summer! A while back I encountered these fake leather ones at a HM sale and I just hád to have them. But as I walked to the cash register I began doubting. After all, fake leather is not very comfortable in the summer due to the heat. But I still wanted to have them.. So I just began pairing them with tights! It was a perfect fit and it loooked pretty good! I finished the outfit with my high boots and am very happy with how the outfit came out!

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