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I was thinking about a way to let you guys get to know me.. Then I thought ‘Why not an A-Z about myself?’. So it was said, so it was done. I present to you: My own & personal A-Z! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Well, that’s my name. There isn’t much else to say about this than that.

I probably wear these way more than I should. I just like them and how they look on me~! 

The name is my boyfriend. We’ve been together for around 4 years and I am still very happy!

I watch a lot of documentaries. About all kinds of things, really.

I like to try out new things, like the capsule wardrobe thing I’m starting with soon! I just like to challenge myself.

My friends are very important for me. They are my chosen family after all!

Probably the fashion style I get the most inspiration from! I think my pinterest & tumblr are filled with this.

My favorite movie genre is Horror! In 2018 I plan to watch around 100 horror movies.

Ice cream
You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! I love ice cream, even though I can’t have the ones with lactose. So I mostly eat water  fruit based sorbet ice cream.

It’s so important to have some joy in your life! I’m serious, you should concentrate on the joyful things in life instead of linger on the negative ones.

I believe in doing one kind act a day. Even if it’s something small like answering someones tweet, commenting on someones blog, saying hi to a person. Just something small can already make someones day!

I can’t handle lactose because it gives me a stomach ache. I just can’t digest it and it’s really annoying me. 

If there is one thing that’s always in my pocket or bag than it’s my mobile phone!

I hate needles. I don’t care if it’s shown on tv or sticked in my own skin, I hate them. I can deal with a whole lot of gore but a needle stuck into an arm at any medical series and I just shiver. Weird, huh?

Well, I spend a lot of my time online.. On social media mostly. Think of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.. I’m on all these platforms and probably checking them once an hour.

This is quite a big hobby of mine; Photography. I try to take one picture every day, at least every few days!

I believe in quality above quantity. So even though I try to post every week, I won’t post something I don’t completely agree with or am satisfied with! It’s something very important to me. I just want to stand behind my content.

It’s my favorite color! Though, I don’t wear it that often. I always try to wear red lipstick, though.

Serial Killers
This might be a little bit of a weird entry on this list but I find Serial Killers fascinating. Just the way their mind works and how they could do something like that. We get a lot of Psychology on school and it’s just really interesting! (I study to be a social worker)

Another movie genre I really like is Thriller! I just like suspense, I guess.

I needed a word with an U and I like Unicorns. So yeah…

I really do like velvet, it’s one of my favorite fabric in clothes. It’s soft, comfy and shiny. I also think it looks really nice. I still want a velvet dress, truth be told.

I talked about needles before but another thing I’m scared of is Deep Water. I just really have this fear of drowning. As long as I can see the bottom I’m fine, but otherwise I am not going to get into the water!

It’s a chemical, a gas. I read this somewhere once and I remembered it somehow. It’s used in lasers and stuff.

I somehow really like this symbol. I have it on a shirt and right now it’s one of my favorites! I just like the idea about how good can’t exist without bad and the other way around.

I just like zombies. Zombie movies, zombie series, zombie games. Yay zombies!

That was my A-Z! Feel free to make your own and leave your link down below! I really enjoyed making my A-Z. It’s a great way to introduce myself to you guys!

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