Now that I have graduated..

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Last month I graduated, which means the end of a very busy period. Yay! I am finally done with school! It’s the start of a new chapter in my life. I thought I would finally be able to concentrate on my blog & get things going! But this is what it really meant for me…

Finding a job

I think this was my main priority the last couple of days: Finding a job! It’s difficult, but I actually managed to get one! It’s a part-time job, but hey it’s a job and I’m going to earn my very own money. My days have been filled with sending job applications, getting rejection after rejection. This part-time job is not the job I want to do forever. It includes a whole lot of traveling around and that isn’t the greatest. I want to find a job near my home, obviously.

“Now that you have graduated…”

So this is more a comment that I keep getting. “Now that you have graduated you can do..” and then people just throw a task at me. No, I can’t do that because I have things to do. I’m part of a dutch youtube team that reviews tech-products and I still had to find a job. Sending out job applications takes time.

Not having any money

It’s a thing.. Until my very first pay I don’t have any money. It just takes a little bit of patience, though! Once I’ve gotten my first pay I bet it’ll be much easier. I am just so very excited!

Having a lot of free time..

I know that this sounds like a luxury problem, and it actually is! But I have a lot more free time right now and it means that I am running out of things to do. I only work three days in the week and the other four I need to find something to do. It’s already better now that I have a job though! Because now I actually have something to do a few days of the week.

How did you experience your first few weeks after graduation?

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